Monthly Archive: May 2016



“I see life through the lens of the particular image that lives in me.” (Ronald Holtz) That is another quote from my friend Ron’s new book-to-be. It seems a little bit obvious because if we have any self-awareness at all, of course that is true.  Basically we can all be myopic as hell. But how can we not, when each one of us has an inborn uniqueness, a family of origin disposition, a birth-order distinction, a world of environmental conditions and specific emotional and physical experiences that form our personal identities? As someone who has been sharing online the way...



“Sex, drugs and rock and roll.” I believe I first heard that expression when I was in middle school. That was about the time I was introduced to the tragic story of a young girl in the novel Go Ask Alice.  It details her fall into drug abuse and the resulting sexual abuse she suffered.  She makes it home and gets a new chance at life in the novel but, devastatingly, the (purported) actual girl the novel was based on did not live to see the book published.  I sometimes think that book steered me clear of the temptation to use...