About Open Wound

What is Open Wound?

“Open Wound” is an analogy for a wide open heart in this world of signs and expectations. Just sharing what doesn’t belong bottled up inside.

047I’ve heard the expression, “walking wounded.” It’s a bid to be mindful that everyone we come in contact with has a story that contains difficulties we know nothing about.

I’ve heard much about dealing with and facing our internal “brokenness.” I personally have a pottery jar that I smashed against the concrete and glued back together as a visual aid for a class I lead at my previous church. Everyone was then given a cup to smash with instructions to glue it back together as an exercise in self- examination, or as I’m now thinking, “yeah I’m broken but I’m still ok!”

Earlier tonight I saw a link to popular researcher and speaker Brene Brown, (her stuff rocks) that was tagged with “Emotional risk, exposure, and uncertainty.”

Authenticity is another popular adjective for the way to be. A call to simplicity has made a huge come back, in personal as well as business circles, at least in America, or first world countries….

There are “reality” shows at the top of the queues, “honest” politicians, “transparent” religious leaders, “truth” in reporting. Oft seen words are, integrity, sincerity, resolve, respect, and honor.

My friend Zach Vandermeer who is an expert in metaphysical studies and basically annoying in his quest to “understand,” put it nicely in a recent post. He said, “Never subordinate yourself to an ideal.” I’m thinking that we have now taken these important and valuable concepts and made THEM an ideal.

Screw that. I’m not broken, and I don’t need “gluing back together” to be ok.

I’m an open wound.

Probably always have been and always will be and I’m ok with THAT. So what I need, and would like to become is a person who lives that reality. Who knows my sister doesn’t need me to give her advice, but she could use a tender touch. Who knows my brother doesn’t need my lifestyle but a soft smile. Who knows my friend doesn’t need a surgeon, but maybe a nurse and a loose bandage to get through the day. And a girl who is ok with needing and holding out for the same.

Thanks to all the sweet nursemaids I have encountered thus far in this short walk into the sun.