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6 Responses

  1. JBourdon says:

    Great blog today Jill.The party wasn’t as wild as the days of yesteryear but still we all had a great time(Just assuming mind you LOL)After so many years of passing each other growing up it’s great to finally make a connection with you first on Facebook and now a couple times in person.Guys do deal with the drama of the teenage years just as bad as the gals but we don’t really like to admit and we deal with that shit differently.

  2. Michelle W Jones CMP says:

    Excellent. =)

  3. Mom says:

    And as your mother, if any other mothers were like me, we also suffered the hurts and anguished times right along with you. But, we also felt and rejoiced over your happiness and successes too. Now that you have children, you can finally understand that you weren’t alone as you, too, have felt their anxieties and hurts plus great joys. And you still are our little girls and boys so it never ends. Friends are the best gift a person can have. I hope, as well as being your mom, I have become one for you and your sisters. Love you, Mom