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Murder Hornets May 2020

Well no, I’m not writing about “murder hornets,” but what a better way for me to remember that it was May 2020 when I wrote this post?  In a strange turn of events, this season will also remind me of the goal of living within the realm of possibility vs certainty.  This time period is truly a perfect analogy for life’s deepest reality that things don’t always turn out like we believe they will.  And that goes for whether we are optimists; those with a generally hopeful outlook in life, or pessimists; those with a tendency to believe the worst will...


Walk it Out

I’m no doctor but I do believe that we all have different levels of pain tolerance.  A friend of mine had a stroke last year and she told me, “I knew something was off, but not what.”  She is a tough nut.  A few years ago I had a migraine and besides feeling like my head was going to blow off my neck, when I went to get some meds I did not recognize my face in the medicine cabinet mirror, “I’m having a stroke!”  was my thinking.  My experience with the ER doctor was a bit humiliating as he...


Heart in Hand

  I can’t decide if I like the vampires or the werewolves better.  Vampires get to live forever, and can make humans do and believe whatever they want them to.  They can take an enemy’s head clean off with one swipe.  The werewolves live in close community and are always loyal to their brothers.  They get to enjoy real food but their bite can end a vampire for good.  But, the vampires believe that their superior strength gives them the right to prey on the weak.  Plus, the werewolves have to do whatever the Alpha says to do, even if he...