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I was talking to a friend the other day who is contemplating entering studies at a seminary. I love that he called me to get my input into the current plot turn in his life, but am mindful that one of my goals is to become a deeper listener. Which means, DO NOT give advice! My personality is very verbose. I can talk and talk, write & write, as you know. I also like puzzles, not just the table ones, but life ones. I do those out loud in conversations. I recall my middle-school friends teasing me, “oh yeah, Jill...



My name is Jill, and I am an unhoarder. Basically, my incredibly intellectual name for the opposite of a hoarder. If an item in my home has not been used within a certain amount of time, it gets tossed. Things I particularly like, on the stubborn hand, I will never let go of. This is why you will find a copy of the 1998 movie, Ever After, in my possession. Wikipedia describes this movie as a “post-feminist, historical fiction take on the Cinderella story.” Cinderella, in general, is described as a “European folk tale embodying a myth-element of unjust oppression.”...


Beautiful Outlaw

Healing the Memories I’m trying to talk my son’s college age friends into doing a study on John Eldredge’s book, Beautiful Outlaw. This book was vital in my spiritual growth when it came time for me to leave the institutional church for good. I have a poster in my closet on his list of differences between “religion & relationship.”* I like to write shit out, big surprise, huh? But the main reason I want them to study it and the reason I am thinking about it today is this one question he asked. “How have you learned Jesus?” Kind of...