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Gift of Love

I figured it out. The Christmas, the holidays. Some Ancient Mother missed her grown children and set the whole thing up. My three boys were with me at Gramma’s and engaged with the family, all day long! We had time together for some interesting conversations. Of course I see them every day at home but they have school and jobs and friends to keep them occupied. I’ve got the youngest to guide and plenty of other work to do as well. Anyway, one of my sons may have re-gifted something he had received a few hours earlier from his brother. This...


Being Human

One of my readers jokes around with me, saying, “don’t get too happy or you won’t write as beautifully as you do!” I’ll take that as a compliment. Another friend had a death in the family recently and the tears shed reminded me of this Pinteresty ditty, “Grief is love with nowhere to go.” Leo Tolstoy puts it this way, “Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.” Grief comes from love. I have two female friends that call me an...


Scar Tissue

“Tear off the mask, your face is glorious.” Rumi A reader of my blog recently asked me, have you ever tried to write song lyrics? No, that idea had never crossed my mind before. Musicality is not my forte. I also recall a few attempts at poetry in school that did not go well. Then again, until I was encouraged by a friend, I had never considered a blog before either. I would absolutely love to be able to write something that could be put to music. We decided that Open Wound would be the subject matter. My first step would...