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Love’s Witness

I remember thinking, “I should put my wallet back in my purse or I will find myself without cash at some point.” Then the day got busy, and I wasn’t going anywhere really. Until I did. I went out for groceries on the spur of the moment. I filled that big/box store cart to capacity. And still didn’t remember until I was rifling around in my bag for the membership card. Oh damn. No wallet, no cards of any kind. In this case I knew at least one driver was at home so called and asked for help. The store...

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Oh my word I feel somewhat mad even mentioning it, but I had this dream last night. That mysterious work of the mind that could be revealing yet could be the mix of ice cream and John Wick, or whoever was on Netflix the night before!  Meaning, I love a good one but try not to put too much stock in them. I won’t go into detail,  although I was sort of a goth-power-ranger chick and how fun was that!  After waking, the dream brought to  mind other heroes and villains and the unfortunate us vs them mentality rampant in...

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Gift of Love

I figured it out. The Christmas, the holidays. Some Ancient Mother missed her grown children and set the whole thing up. My three boys were with me at Gramma’s and engaged with the family, all day long! We had time together for some interesting conversations. Of course I see them every day at home but they have school and jobs and friends to keep them occupied. I’ve got the youngest to guide and plenty of other work to do as well. Anyway, one of my sons may have re-gifted something he had received a few hours earlier from his brother. This...