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Do Your Worst

“The struggle is real.” Oh my word, humans can be such jackasses, myself included. Have you said the phrase? I’m a real fan of comic relief, but occasionally my attempts can go over like a lead balloon. I was joking about struggle the other day but, really, personal conflict would be a better way to describe it. My articulate son brought me up short, “Mom, humans like conflict.” The expression stuck with me so much I peppered him with questions on his statement.  His proof was in the verbal sparring constantly seen in friend groups or social media, the natural...


Love’s Witness

I remember thinking, “I should put my wallet back in my purse or I will find myself without cash at some point.” Then the day got busy, and I wasn’t going anywhere really. Until I did. I went out for groceries on the spur of the moment. I filled that big/box store cart to capacity. And still didn’t remember until I was rifling around in my bag for the membership card. Oh damn. No wallet, no cards of any kind. In this case I knew at least one driver was at home so called and asked for help. The store...