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Howard Thurman 1980

  “There is something in every one of you that waits, listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself and if you cannot hear it, you will never find whatever it is for which you are searching and if you hear it and then do not follow it, it was better that you had never been born… You are the only you that has ever lived; your idiom is the only idiom of its kind in all of existence and if you cannot hear the sound of the genuine in you, you will all of your life spend your...



Recently my philosophy hotshot friend asked me, “Are you okay?” So for him I replied; “What does okay mean, reallly?” The next day, when asked by another, I went with; “Well, I’m not setting things on fire, so, yes, I am okay.” Of course it got me down the road of; “What is okay?” Jason Silva, (of the TV show Brain Games) expanding on Diane Ackerman’s theory of the “Deep Now,” states that anxiety is a “temporal dislocation of the mind.”  That it is being “worried about the impending future or longing for the now dead past.” They are supposing...


Anger’s Gift

“Virtue grows from the graves of our sins.” Matthew D. Eayre Darkness, demons, sins, regrets. Anger. I believe it was in Othello where Shakespeare says, “… as men in rage strike those that wish them best.” This year, I’ve been accused of being an “angry person,” because I’m like Mark Twain. “When angry, count four. When very angry, swear.” Except I skip the “count four” part. I wrote once before on an aspect of anger I discovered along the way. A lot of times, anger is lamented as being an unfavorable emotion. I do deal with the Othello aspect, yet I...