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The Christmas

Christmas. I have been getting shit about my views of Christmas since I left a quote for the high school year book. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. I think I said something about the commercialization of it all. Someone corrected me and gave me the Charlie Brown speech, where Linus was reading the birth of Christ story from Matthew. So, let me start there. I’m no historian but it isn’t just the Seventh Day Adventists who don’t believe Jesus was born in December. Most Christians agree that he was born in the fall. Some say...


Another Brick in the Wall

I was twenty-five when I had my first child. I won’t scar him by talking about the nursing trauma, but I will out him as a non-sleeper from the get-go. He was kinda like I am now, a stellar napper, but not so good at the night-time slumber. I have one particularly distinct memory of rocking him in the dark morning hours and praying for that kid to “go to sleep!”   Somehow that night, my prayers started to shift.  This thought rose up, “Maybe the boy needs comfort more than I need sleep.” That led me to ask for...



It’s downright comical. How many people do you know who have to think/figure out why they are in a good mood? It was rainy and cold, a weather combination that generally annoys me to no end. It was early in a week that stretched out long. Some tough life circumstances were status quo, you know, “different day, same shit.” But here I was floating along like I hadn’t a care in the world. Of course I had to contemplate the whole thing. The song lyric I started to hear was, “Something more than free.” I’ll share the thing, but I’m...