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Reaching the Heart

I had a therapist tell me one time, “Your instincts are spot on, why do you disregard them?” I was walking in circles in a parking lot waiting to pick my son up from an event when I called her. I was upset at the actions of someone I had let in my life. I was being a friend to this person but ignoring the red flag of not being given the same type of courtesy. Yes, that is the issue. There were red flags. I knew there were character flaws present. More than once this gal had bullied through...



I was a painfully shy child. Mom says I hid behind her legs but I don’t remember that far back. I can see clearly in my mind being at Nicholl’s pharmacy and begging one of my sisters to buy a candy bar for me. (I may have come out of the womb afraid of my own shadow but those two ladies came out ready to roll.). I’m not sure if I was afraid of the cashier or afraid to be seen with Milky Way loot? I am blessed with another lovely memory from seventh grade when I had to share...


More Grace

Internal battles are my stock in trade. But what a pain when I have a job to do, or don’t feel well, or its past my bedtime. The other night, this person, did this thing. My battle started with condemnation right off the bat. “What a d-bag! Legalistic-rule-following-graceless-pig!” That type of refrain went on in my head for a good while.  I’m not ashamed to admit it, it is what it is, ya know? I didn’t sort it out until I shared my lovely thoughts with my son. His response added insult to injury…”Well Mom, you did screw up.” Huh,...