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Don’t Know

Proverbs 12:25 “Anxiety weighs down the heart,
  but a kind word cheers it up.” A few years back I facilitated a book study where we used the late Dan Fogelberg’s Along the Road as our theme. “Joy at the start Fear in the journey, Joy in the coming home. A part of the heart Gets lost in the learning Somewhere along the road. Along the road, your path may wander. A pilgrim’s faith may fail. Absence makes the heart grow stronger. Darkness obscures the trail. Cursing the quest, Courting disaster. Measureless nights forebode. Moments of rest, Glimpses of laughter Are...


Conflict pt. 1

“You are causing me conflict.” My friend Joan had this up on her page at some point. She is a “Conflict Navigator” after all. This cracked me up for some reason. I was thinking I could clean up my language by using this saying instead of a few choice others, like, fuck off! It stuck with me mainly because my ladies study group has been in the book of James, which has pointed advice for us when we are dealing with conflict. Chapter 4 starts, “What is the source of quarrels and conflicts among you? Is not the source, your...


Keys to Transformation

Keys to Transformation Part II I had no idea that when I set out to update a tired old DVD cabinet that it would spark so many thoughts on transformation. It started with me taking my own advice, hallelujah, when I decided I WANTED to. Interestingly, it wasn’t until I saw another piece I liked that gave me the idea. So, I’m thinking #1 key in transformation is a combination of listening to the wanting AND having an idea of what the end form could look like. Key #2 I figured out right quick. I went looking online and at a...