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My voice feels shaky today. I do consider myself a writer. But I don’t make things up, basically share thoughts. It’s easier in writing. Shades of a shy childhood maybe? I try to keep it conversational. I’m no expert. I truly believe in freedom of choice and live and let live. I have shared a few expressions that my Dad passed along at the dinner table when I was young. One was, “Your personal liberty to swing your arms ends just where my nose begins.” Apparently lawyers and orators have used this expression since the early 1900’s. Dad likes to...


Enough guilt Already

Two days of rest after a trip and I don’t feel a bit guilty. I used to be pretty anxious when I didn’t accomplish much in a day. Ok, fine, I still get like that sometimes. Relaxing is not my strong suit. But resting? I’m a napping Queen. Guilt is such a funny thing. It’s tied to all kinds of fears and emotions. I’ve had many a Mom at my table saying, “But I feel guilty,” if I don’t do this thing or that or accomplish this or that. I admitted mine from the early child rearing years when I...



Ever since my kids were born I took the advice of the honest Moms who said, “Nap every time they do.” Littles get up extremely early and wake you up constantly during the night. In order not to be a raging psychotic Mom – the naps were vital for me. I thought I would get a short season when I could go back to a more typical sleep pattern but it never happened. I ended up with a six-year-old at the same time I had a 13-year-old. If you don’t have kids, 13 is when they start staying up really late;...