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3 Responses

  1. Mercedes says:

    “When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be;” has been singing itself, just those words, for several days, in my mind. Truth, absolute truth, of the brand, the culture, the inner core, the symbol of Jesus, the message of man, all will be, no excuses, just truth, on one miraculous day.

    The New Testament Church, since it’s inception was imperfect, for the imperfect, as the saints went about spreading the real hope, life, and truth of Jesus, simple and genuine. No reverse psychology, no bait and switch, no smoke and mirrors, no division, no exclusions, no abuse, and certainly, no manipulation needed to proclaim truth.

    What a cynical self-serving sect of pseudo saints exists today, all over the world. May those who seek Christ Jesus in the institutional church, seek wisdom, discernment, from Christ, through the Holy Spirit, for there is much rejoicing to be had today, but may the ultimate rejoicing, when we all get to heaven be real, because it was real on earth.

  2. Your words touch my heart. Thank you for sharing so honestly xxx

  3. Mom says:

    May God’s Truth be with you each and every day of your life, dear one. You are blessed, loved and admired for your courage to speak the truth. The truth will “set you free” and those who preach and teach in Christ’s name but live a life of wrongdoing will be imprisoned by their falsehoods. Maybe not in this life but they will suffer for their acts. Stay strong! You are a child of the Father who loves you so much. And I love you always. Mom