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  1. Mercedes says:

    Sweet child of God and not Guns & Roses, or Confuse-us, Nietze, Freud, or Buddha. Much cognitive sense can be had from what each had to say.

    Ultimately, for me, the one that frees, that removes the chain of bond slavery to pressure, perfectionism, pleasing, getting it right all the time is you, me, each of us in our own way.

    Arrived, all is in harmony, sanctified, enlightened, perfect holy balance, is not for this lifetime, specially when perfection or doing every single thing correctly, out of the one true authority, is beyond subjective and quite frankly exhausting and damning for others can’t see, hear, or dicernmen one’s thoughts or intents.

    Thank you for sheer gut wrenching honesty, thank you for being someone, who shows others it’s alright to get mad, to question, to find joy in the grieving and to deal with grieving in the midst of joy.

    It could have been you or Confuse-us (joke for another time), which I read recently, attributed every thought i.e. idea as a thing. Why? What do we do with things? When they come up, etc., we handle them, as best as possible, alone or not. So, with an idea or heavy thought, under this line of thought, one would handle it based on experience, based on advice of others, based on not allowing the least or greatest common denominator to keep one down. I say this in light of the workplace. Deadlines, meetings, paychecks, 100% commission, territories, competition w/in corporate structure and outside of it and so much more. Really don’t think I ever spent too much time focused on all the pesky details, well, except to point out how my solutions would work best, jajaja, but I was so laser focused on what my function was, period. Yes, commorodity and also holding my ground if I had proven and earned that something I did a bit askew worked. Yes, there were mess ups also, and so beyond thankful for those.

    Taking a different more back to basics approach, what really matters, apply the old laser focus, again. My friends will always be my friends, they’ll cease being so, when they choose to. So, Friday lunches are always open to you first, my dear. Lots to laser focus on.❤️

    • Jill says:

      “Out beyond the ideas of right doing and wrongdoing there is a field, I’ll meet you there.” Rumi

      I don’t really know who Rumi is but I will see you on Friday my unconditionally loving friend!

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