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My voice feels shaky today. I do consider myself a writer. But I don’t make things up, basically share thoughts. It’s easier in writing. Shades of a shy childhood maybe? I try to keep it conversational. I’m no expert. I truly believe in freedom of choice and live and let live. I have shared a few expressions that my Dad passed along at the dinner table when I was young. One was, “Your personal liberty to swing your arms ends just where my nose begins.” Apparently lawyers and orators have used this expression since the early 1900’s. Dad likes to...

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Scar Tissue

“Tear off the mask, your face is glorious.” Rumi A reader of my blog recently asked me, have you ever tried to write song lyrics? No, that idea had never crossed my mind before. Musicality is not my forte. I also recall a few attempts at poetry in school that did not go well. Then again, until I was encouraged by a friend, I had never considered a blog before either. I would absolutely love to be able to write something that could be put to music. We decided that Open Wound would be the subject matter. My first step would...

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Be & Do

My three sons have had many dreams for their lives over the tender years. I’ve heard the expression, “I’m going to be,” followed by: a professional baseball player, a quarterback, a paid street skater, a lawyer, an Olympian, a veterinarian, a YouTube-er and some I can’t remember. Oh, the winner of American Idol, was a big one for a while, times three! Interestingly, I’ve heard it said that rather than asking, “what do you want to be,” a better idea is to pay attention to who our kids already are. As much as we want to provide inspiration, if we...