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I went to a new-to-me workout class.  It’s called Pitayo. A mix of Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga. Apparently a local from Fredericksburg, VA developed it and it has spread internationally. One of the slogans on the website says; “Be more than a human being, be a human becoming.” (see: Pitayo) I had been telling a friend prior to the class that I have been feeling so strung out lately. I think I memed it. Something to the effect of, “I just don’t have time for the nervous breakdown I feel I truly deserve!” Meaning, I’ve been plenty busy. Checking things...

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“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson The family made fun of me last weekend, because I am so picky. It was all in fun. We are all adults now, and I will own to it. I’m picky as hell. My actual goal in life is to do what I want, when I want and how I want.  Sound self-centered?  It can be, and I’ll describe how.  But it can also be acceptance.  Acceptance that I am inherently responsible for my life. I know of a few people who...

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I love toenail polish. I remember going into the hospital for my third C-section and I made sure to get help fixing my toes before I went in. I couldn’t really reach them myself and usually had a five-day stay per operation. Someone asked me, “why are you doing that now?” I really couldn’t answer but I did get a lot of compliments from the nursing staff. Recently I had a pedicure and the fella really gave me an awesome foot and leg massage. I’m starting to think that is why so many people pay for painted toes. A leg rub...