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Reality Bites

Before my husband and I had our first child, we lived for a year on one income. It was an intentional decision to adjust to a lower standard of living before children entered the picture. We knew we wanted to have a parent at home to raise them so…it seemed like a good idea at the time. Life was very chill that year, and during my first pregnancy. Before, when we were both working, it seemed that something was always left undone. The mail and papers and laundry piled up, the dinners were lame. The little annoyances in taking care...



I really hate winter, and find myself hibernating quite a bit. One way I cope is to re-watch some of my favorite movies. Last week was Braveheart. I particularly like it as it is based on the true story of the warrior William Wallace. It reminds me of the American Revolution, and man’s quest for Freedom. After that I watched “The Adjustment Bureau,” which is a fun romp dealing with some sort of Divine Determinism. The lead character’s determination to be free, such as it was, was cool. So, what does it mean to be free? In Braveheart, the Scots did...


Fear of Pain

I’ve had three C-Sections in my life. One thing the doctors said about recovery was to take pain medicine before the pain hit hard. During those recoveries, I learned that pain meds, in and of themselves, do not help the body heal. In the C-Section case, they take the edge off so a girl will be willing to sit up and walk around. The movement of the muscles is what helps the body heal. Those were years ago and thankfully I’ve not had to have any other major surgeries, or been injured. Just recently I did have a very minor...