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I mentioned writing about denial ages ago but have been busy with procrastination. I was reminded of this the other night while having an argument with my son. He clicked on the x-box at 11:00 pm. We didn’t really argue, I just stared him down with the crazy-Mom-face until he turned the TV off. After that he launched into his rationalization. I knew what was coming but gave him a few minutes. He said, “You came in at 10:42 and said it was almost 11:00! You didn’t say anything about going to bed!” Aye Yai Yai. I couldn’t help myself....


Reaching the Heart

I had a therapist tell me one time, “Your instincts are spot on, why do you disregard them?” I was walking in circles in a parking lot waiting to pick my son up from an event when I called her. I was upset at the actions of someone I had let in my life. I was being a friend to this person but ignoring the red flag of not being given the same type of courtesy. Yes, that is the issue. There were red flags. I knew there were character flaws present. More than once this gal had bullied through...



  My youngest kid asked me “Why?,” again. My parenting adventure started twenty-one years ago and I have probably been asked that question a thousand-plus times. Sometimes it is just goofy stuff, such as “Why do I have to use a napkin, when my shirt is so close?” or “Why do I need a glass when the bottle is practically empty?”or “Why can’t I pee in the yard?” “Why, why, why?” I’m good with answering questions, which is part of my job as a parent.  One skill I’ve tried to learn is when to say, “You already know why my...