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I read this quote by Marilyn Ferguson on a website I like, “Fear is a question: what are you afraid of and why? Just as the seed of health is in illness, because illness contains information, our fears are a treasure-house of self knowledge if we explore them.” I don’t really understand what she meant by, “the seed of health is in illness,” but I do know that when I’m afraid, I feel sick. I get jittery, or my guts hurt, or my blood pressure rises or I’m just pissed off and annoying to be around. At some stage I...

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Why, oh why, do we talk about the weather? Is it because it is one thing in the human existence that all people experience? Or is it that it is a sure-fire constant in a revolving world? Or is it the wonderous fact that the same general elements remain, but reveal themselves spectacularly new, every day? It used to be a joke that if you were on a date and all that came up was the weather, you needed to try again with someone else. But, I love the illustration of sunrises, clouds, rain, lightning, sunsets, and of course snowflakes,...

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Ever felt like you were drowning? That the circumstances surrounding your life were metaphorically stealing the breath from your mortal body? I was listening to a Florence and the Machine song recently that includes the lyrics, “the arms of the ocean are breaking over me…carrying me…delivering me.”  As much as the song seems like a cry of desperation, you can also choose to hear a deliverance, with a slight change in perspective. My 21-year-old son experienced a literal near drowning, on a mission trip to Costa Rica when he was 15 years old. He wrote: “We went to swim in...