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Hold On

I have this strange habit of needing to define things for what they are not before I can understand what they really are. A friend asked me, “You seem to know what you don’t like, what do you like?” I imagine I lived too long in defining emotional issues for what I wanted them to be instead of what they really are. Now, instead of asking, what is it? I ask the opposite.  Whatever. I guess my brain works backwards. The big subject of hope came up shortly after the whopper of forgiveness. I’ve seen it called a “waking dream,” a...


It’s Complicated

Classical education comprises three stages of development; the Grammar stage, the Logic stage and the Rhetoric stage.  Put simply, the grammar stage is learning the vocabulary of a subject.  Learning  is much more manageable when using this process. On the subject of forgiveness, if you put a hundred theologians, psychologists, counselors, monks (you know what I mean) in a room together and ask them about forgiveness, you will get a hundred different opinions. Google forgiveness and you will get the usual suspects. Links that tell you that you must forgive because: You are strong. You deserve peace. It leads to understanding....



Lately I was accused of being a “New Age,” “Oprah” type, which is a no-no in the non-progressive part of the Christian community I used to be a part of. I’m not anymore, but it still pissed me off, no one wants to be labeled, right? I was thinking of this today as I pondered the interesting acronym, SNAFU.   The origin of the acronym  is from the 1940s Navy, and originally had to do with the status of telegraphs!  It means Situation Normal, All Fouled Up.   I believe the military may have a more colorful description  now, which...