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Blame Game

“You take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame.” Erica Jong He wasn’t comfortable where he was. But something held him back from being truly in touch with that reality. A wisp of a thing, yet she ruled from the background of his life. He didn’t stop and ask himself, what is this discomfort? Or, what am I feeling in this moment? Instead he looked outside to the world and asked it to heal his discomfort. When he looked outside he saw things. When he saw good things he just knew...


Pretty is as pretty does

My next door neighbor wanted me to cut back some trees on my property last year, so she could see around the bend in the road.  It was a knarly copse of pine trees that I had never paid much attention to.  I told her I liked all the honeysuckle growing over there because it smelled good and looked prettier than those prickly trees.  She asked me if I knew that vine plants like that will eventually kill whatever it is they are growing all over.  So one weekend my son and I decided to tackle the mess.  We started...



I don’t downshift very fast, meaning I’m not dumb, but I am a slow processor. I never made the “A” classes in my early schooling and thought I had something missing. I won’t be the first one to pick up spilled milk, or swerve from the squirrel, or really understand my own feelings until a day or two after I have felt them. I forget this a lot too. It hit me the hardest after having children, as soon as I figured out one stage they slipped into the next one. But I did understand rather quickly that I wanted...