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The Thing

So, I had a thing. A thing I didn’t want to do, but kept being told, “Ya gotta do this.” At some point I came to agreement with my advisors and I did it. So, it’s turned out fabulous, but my question today is, was it really something I needed to do earlier? Or is it working out because I was ready to do it? Because the timing was right?  I’ve decided that the thing is not the thing. Now I have a new thing. It’s in the realm of “cutting losses,” which is something my personality rebels against. Just...


Thou Mayest

I was struggling deeply with one of my sons.  Not with him in the classic sense of, “He’s driving me crazy!” But with insecurity about my ability to be there for him in the way he needed.  I shared my struggle with a few close friends and felt much relief simply by opening up.  The next morning I woke up hearing Mumford and Sons voices in my head singing ”Timshel.”  The words, “You are not alone in this,” were looping.   I hadn’t listened to the song in awhile, so I played it and burst into tears when the lyric said,...



  I am in a writing group aptly named, “Post-Evangelical Writers Group.” Unless you have been to church you may not know about the current exodus happening from American Christianity. The 2015 book, “Church Refugees: Sociologists Reveal why People are DONE with Church but not their Faith,” by two sociologists, Ashleigh Hope and Josh Packard, declared that 30 million formerly active Protestant American church goers are “Done” with church and 7 million are on the way out.  I don’t know what the current statistics are, I’m guessing they have grown. My group is putting together a book to publicize the reasons...