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That Damn Stick

Some women I know sell makeup online and post videos of pretty eye shadow or special liner or whatever and damn it looks good. But when I take a minute to notice the age of the model, her flawless skin and wide-set eyes? It’s not the make up. It’s the face. (Or Photoshop?) The jarring truth is that no way will anyone else buying that makeup look like that beautiful model! Still, I’m tempted. I occasionally give haircuts to friends and family. Sometimes, one will come to me with a photo of an actress and want her hairstyle. Some have...


Tick Tock

“If I could turn back time, if I could find a way.”  Can you hear Cher? It really is a fine ideal, looking back and wanting to have been a better person. Genuinely feeling sorrow for being an agent of pain is a high virtue. Many times, apologizing to those we’ve hurt is a sign of personal maturity. I love being able to walk down the street and know there isn’t anyone I’d like to duck away from because of shame or guilt over my past actions. There is a sense of freedom that comes with owning up to mistakes. Hell...



I was sitting with a dear loved one recently and was asked through tears, “Why is it so hard?” I know it was a rhetorical question because who really knows? As a mother of three I have expressed many times that 1) Life is not fair and that 2) Lamenting that fact is perfectly healthy. The why I cannot answer. The next day I read about a group in the UK, thankfully small, who believe that it is immoral to have children, so adults should desist from procreating. They are called anti-natalists, whose essential belief boils down to human consciousness...