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  1. “If we walk around knowing that pain is a slice of life, then we don’t have to be afraid to live as we see fit.”

    Seems to me there is incredible wisdom in that approach. We tend to fear the unknown and the unexpected, so if we choose to acknowledge pain as being an unavoidable part of life, it becomes something can expect to show up eventually. And when it does, we can also know that it is only one part of life, not the whole of it.

    • Jill says:

      LL! I have wondered for years why we try to deny pain, although I am very skilled at it… I remember the boys getting injured and hopping right up, saying, “I’m ok, I’m ok.” I would say, “Dude, you’re hurt, there is no shame in that!”

      • I suspect it’s part of the human condition – admitting to pain means admitting we are vulnerable. But I know that I also got a very large dose of ‘denialism’ from the church. Pain is seen as a negative emotion and that is simply not allowed. We have to be positive and happy and victorious ALL of the time! :/

  2. Nate says:

    Happy birthday to me 2016! Get it Jolly Jillersonzzz!!!

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