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I have spent most of my adult life trying to maintain order. The actions of fixing, arranging, classifying, cataloging, systemizing, and cleaning come to mind. I have spent many years trying to teach my kids the same skills. I don’t actually know anyone who hasn’t been doing that. Practically speaking, life is spent creating and maintaining order. Keeping order is a highly valued trait and skill. We have reams of choices that we are encouraged to follow to find success, get our needs met, and enjoy life in comfort. When we succeed, it makes us feel powerful. Our interior lives are no...


Survival Tactics

“The 100,” an interesting science fiction, dystopian Earth story gives a fascinating look at human survival tactics.  One particular season, a group of survivors had to live  in an underground bunker, due to atmospheric conditions.  The food supply was limited and extreme measures had to be taken for the survival of the human race.  The leadership mantra came down to, “You are either Wonkru (the group name) or you are the enemy of Wonkru.”  This mantra came with a flashing sword and blood spilled for those who “chose” to be enemies.  Meaning, they disagreed with how the food was to...



Am I the only swinger? No, not that kinda swinger. Maybe over-corrector is a better way to say it.  When something doesn’t seem to work or make sense, instead of making a few small changes I will scrap my ideas and start over. Usually I bounce back towards a middle ground at some point, but not always. My sister used to tease me that I was losing square footage by changing paint jobs in the house. I needed to see the full wall covered before I could decide if I liked something. And if I didn’t, I’d re-do the whole...