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Vacation Day

I recently had the opportunity to spend five days on a California respite. I have a life-long friend that made it all happen, for my son and me.  My Facebook friends were inundated with our daily itinerary. It was a quickly arranged visit so we didn’t plan any major sight-seeing adventures, Hollywood style, but we did plenty. It may not be much to other people but for us it was a wonderful novelty. The choice to be in a one-income earning family over the years (plus the reality of being a little wild & loose on budgeting) has precluded a...


Poetry in Motion

I think I already confessed this in a previous post but I am not musically inclined. My boys have shared with me at times, “you are flat-out tone deaf Mom.” I’m like, “why do you think I turn it up loud? It’s so I can pretend my voice blends!” Not only that but my most humiliating memory from 7th grade is band class. That whole year sucked eggs really, but that one time I tried to play the clarinet and ended up tossing it down and running out of class crying- I remember vividly. Geez I hated those first chair...