Monthly Archive: January 2016



Transformation is one of those buzz words you hear in self-help circles. Actually, it may be called “life coaching” now. For a lot of us, self-medication with a side of denial is closer to the truth in how we deal with our shit, but that is a different post. I detest the ads I see that try and sell you simple solutions: “10 Ways to declutter your life!” ” How to be more interesting, in 10 easy steps!” “10 simple steps to exceptional daily productivity!” “16 ways to lose weight fast!” “12 steps to building muscle!” Give me a break. No...



When I was a young girl, someone gave me a book-marker that had my name on it with a definition…a “your name means” type of thing. I often wondered about the accuracy of that card. It was well before the Internet, so I just wondered, never researched it. When I looked it up on an etymology site today, I was delighted to see how accurate it is. My bookmark said, “Jill = changeable.” If I wasn’t aware of my weaknesses, it would be slightly concerning as one definition is “changing often or suddenly.” Hello, mood swings, I can own that....