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Resolve the Paradox

“The meaning of my existence is that life has addressed a question to me. Or, conversely, I myself am a question which is addressed to the world, and I must communicate my answer, for otherwise I am dependent upon the world’s answer.” ―C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections As an introvert, I  get characterized for being too much of a thinker and not enough of a doer.  Extroverts probably get judged for doing too much and not thinking enough.  (Not by me, my favorite extrovert is also one of my editors, but I will admit she does have the ability to...


Universally particular

When my first son was in his late teens I remember telling him that his pre-frontal cortex probably wouldn’t be fully developed until he was 24 or so.  A lot of my parenting was based on the notion that it was my job to give my kids the truth in all forms as well as I knew it. My explanation on his brain development seemed to me no different than a friend telling a friend to call an Uber if they are impaired. The pre-frontal cortex is a pretty big deal as a jumping off point for rationality. I’m plenty...



Usually the calendar has barely turned to the new month before I am bugging my editors to read my stuff because I can’t wait to share.  This month has been different because I have been turning an expression over and over in my mind and can’t seem to get clarity. I read it soon after entering a struggle in communicating with some important people in my life.   I read it on Twitter and do not know the author but her name is Lalah Delia.  “The right people hear you differently.”  It’s just a little quip and could probably mean many...