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Amour de soi

I was telling my dude about a guy who got real angry at me for saying I love black people in a Facebook post.   He said, “You know Jill, I think most people react with some anger when what you say triggers some personal truth about themselves that they don’t want to hear.”  Which is kinda funny because I annoy him all the time.  I agree with him that anger covers truth at times and also that at other times it is a reaction to personal pain.  So in no way do I believe anger is something vile to...


Murder Hornets May 2020

Well no, I’m not writing about “murder hornets,” but what a better way for me to remember that it was May 2020 when I wrote this post?  In a strange turn of events, this season will also remind me of the goal of living within the realm of possibility vs certainty.  This time period is truly a perfect analogy for life’s deepest reality that things don’t always turn out like we believe they will.  And that goes for whether we are optimists; those with a generally hopeful outlook in life, or pessimists; those with a tendency to believe the worst will...


Pet Shop Boys

I love the cat and dog comparisons as members of families live under the current societal restrictions.  The general suppositions are that dogs love having their owners working from home or exiled from school and that cats are sewing masks in the middle of the night and begging the humans to bug out of the house. They make a fantastic parallel to human personality typing.  It doesn’t really matter if it’s technically true, i.e. “not all dogs” etc. ad nauseum.  What matters is that individual personality affects the way people interpret data. The pessimist Arthur Schopenhauer puts it like this, “Every man...