Monthly Archive: January 2017


Take Heed

When my third child, Bryson, was born, the other two boys were eight and six. One day the oldest came to me and said, “I know Bryson is the most important person in the family right now…” I don’t know what he was going to say because I didn’t let him finish! I explained that Bryson needed the most time and attention because he was a baby, not because he was more valuable than anyone else in the family. Recently, at fourteen, Bryson said something similar about the eldest! “Mom, he is getting what he wants and no one cares...


Modern Love

I have a friend that has been in emotional distress for months on end. He had come to love a woman, but the relationship was not to be. His distress is not just the heartbreak of a lost love, but the loss of what he believed to be “the One.” Now this women showed some major character flaws during the relationship. I’m talking deal-breakers here, like lying and cheating. I’d think these characteristics would have quieted such a burning love. I love my friend for his depth of feeling but wonder, what the hell? It seems to me that the...



Recently my philosophy hotshot friend asked me, “Are you okay?” So for him I replied; “What does okay mean, reallly?” The next day, when asked by another, I went with; “Well, I’m not setting things on fire, so, yes, I am okay.” Of course it got me down the road of; “What is okay?” Jason Silva, (of the TV show Brain Games) expanding on Diane Ackerman’s theory of the “Deep Now,” states that anxiety is a “temporal dislocation of the mind.”  That it is being “worried about the impending future or longing for the now dead past.” They are supposing...