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Terra firma

Our family had the big old 2020 Covid scare.  Each case of the illness is unique but I’m sure most of you are familiar with the process.  So-and-so was near such and such who had dinner with you-know-who, who then tested positive for Covid. Do I have it now? Who have I been near? Will it be a bad case or a minor one if I do get it? Test, quarantine, wait, hope and try not to be too scared of the worst case scenario. This is our second scare and I was mainly thinking about death whereas my son...



I have quite a few people who comment with sad faces when I remind them of the difficult parts of life. Or rather the seeming necessity of the difficult parts. “But why does it have to be this way?”  I am asked. Of course I don’t actually know the answer, but I can see the possibilities. The author and Trappist monk Thomas Merton says, “Souls are like athletes, that need opponents worthy of them, if they are to be tried and extended and pushed to the full use of their powers, and rewarded according to their capacity.” I don’t believe...


Invincible Summer

I have been seeing a message recently about being more mindful than usual of what we post online for the rest of the year.  Emotions are high and fraught with fears of the year 2020, what will she do next?  I believe the easy access of online research and social media has helped save my life.  The Internet brought me into contact with some amazing people that I otherwise would not have run into.   It brought me a friend whom I had not seen or spoken to since high school, who is now a trusted editor .  It helped me...