Scar Tissue

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  1. Jennifer Gorman says:

    As someone who has written poetry, as a teen and young woman, and then I stopped without realizing it when I got married and had children, not because of time, but more because, when pressed by retired English professor friend, because my husband and children had so filled me that I simply felt that I was too at peace. But at any rate, now that I am in my new phase of life, my kids are not only one on the other side of the world teaching in South Korea, and the other just graduated from high school, but also both came out over the course of the last few years, shaking my very certain (thinking of interviews with Peter Enns I have heard lately about his book The Sin of Certainty) faith, very certain prayer life, very certain relationships with my husband, daughter, son, parents, church family, and extended family, and especially with Jesus. And I have come back in a circle to the woman I was when I graduated from college and got married, and somehow the poetry began again as well, along with my other kinds of creativity. (Now my autoimmune diseases are taking my thinking and language skills, and the writing is getting impossible, but it was really wonderful while I was back) But all of this is to say that, you are right about poetry and how it is written, but the most important thing is that if you are feeling it, feeling what you are writing, and God is giving you the words, and the image, the meaning is taking shape, almost like throwing pottery in a way, in that there is a lot of going by feel, by trial and error, and just keeping at it until you like what you have created and it speaks to you and then it most certainly will speak to others as well, and will communicate what you set out to do in the first place, but now you will have it in a new way, an art form, and you will be so glad, and so grateful, and so proud. I know that it will be very helpful. I was molested by my older cousin when I was in Fifth Grade. I have never talked about it. You are brave.

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