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Conflict pt. 2

It must be the political season that has my mind set on ideas surrounding conflict. It could be that my son is right and I am a contentious woman. As much as that may sound negative, I’ll own it. Contentious can mean, “open to debate.” Check. And “fierce, or impassioned.” Check. Works for me. I make contentions. I am a problem noticer and a problem solver. Ask any Mom, “Who do the kids come to when they can’t find something or are frustrated with something?” Mom. Every time. Solving problems is what I do as a woman, a mother, and...



I read the Game of Thrones book series a few years ago, and am still waiting for the next book. I did not watch the HBO version, I have this strange idea that some things should be left to the imagination, but I digress. The element of that story that moved me the most was the mammoth number of deaths. The Washington Post reported 456 deaths, up to the 5th season from the cable version. (If you are a fan, the article is great, entitled, “Valar Morghulis” posted in April 2015.) Ned Stark, “Winter is Coming,” Lord of Winterfell, Hand...