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  There is a meme that I have shared on FB before because it makes me laugh. It says, “How do you like your eggs?”  The response is, “um, in cake.” I think people are like cakes.  All cakes have flour, eggs and sugar as base ingredients.  Humans share basic anatomy, heart, brain, lungs et cetera.  Combined with the base ingredients, there are thousands of types of cakes.  Each one has special added elements that make them unique.  Chocolate ganache cake and angel food cake are two of my personal favorites, but they couldn’t be more different.  Not even close...



“I don’t know what it is about going to high school with someone that makes you feel you’re automatically friends for life.” Tequila Sunrise (1988) – Gregg Lindroff (Arliss Howard). This quote may not be accurate, I just loved this movie from my teen years. These years have been on my mind in the face of my 30-year high school reunion date. Prior to the actual date, the Facebook world has given me the great honor of discovering new/old friends for a few years now. This past year, circumstances dictated that I forge out of my little family’s bubble and intentionally...



I mentioned writing about denial ages ago but have been busy with procrastination. I was reminded of this the other night while having an argument with my son. He clicked on the x-box at 11:00 pm. We didn’t really argue, I just stared him down with the crazy-Mom-face until he turned the TV off. After that he launched into his rationalization. I knew what was coming but gave him a few minutes. He said, “You came in at 10:42 and said it was almost 11:00! You didn’t say anything about going to bed!” Aye Yai Yai. I couldn’t help myself....