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Ecclesiastes 7:4a “The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning…” I recently came home from a great vacation. I’m generally a homebody so a week away requires something akin to atmospheric re-entry for me. Honestly, I just had a good time with little responsibility and once home, had to turn all grown-up again. It seems that my return to reality also brought reminders of some concerns in life that I ignored for a bit and I felt the weight of them hit hard. One evening after my homecoming,  I read a blog post from a lovely poet,...


Vacation Day

I recently had the opportunity to spend five days on a California respite. I have a life-long friend that made it all happen, for my son and me.  My Facebook friends were inundated with our daily itinerary. It was a quickly arranged visit so we didn’t plan any major sight-seeing adventures, Hollywood style, but we did plenty. It may not be much to other people but for us it was a wonderful novelty. The choice to be in a one-income earning family over the years (plus the reality of being a little wild & loose on budgeting) has precluded a...


Child of Anger

As much as finishing a post on anger is tough when you are being spoiled with a California get-away, I just had to.  I was on Wilshire Boulevard and kept hearing Richard Gere in my head. “Edward: I was very angry with him. It cost me ten thousand dollars in therapy to say that sentence: “I was very angry with him.” I do it very well, don’t I? I’ll say it again: I was very angry with him. “Hello, my name is Mr. Lewis, I am very angry with my father.” It was a scene from Pretty Woman, in case...