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More Grace

Internal battles are my stock in trade. But what a pain when I have a job to do, or don’t feel well, or its past my bedtime. The other night, this person, did this thing. My battle started with condemnation right off the bat. “What a d-bag! Legalistic-rule-following-graceless-pig!” That type of refrain went on in my head for a good while.  I’m not ashamed to admit it, it is what it is, ya know? I didn’t sort it out until I shared my lovely thoughts with my son. His response added insult to injury…”Well Mom, you did screw up.” Huh,...


Walking Dead

Having been sick for over a week, I did what all distraction obsessed Americans do. I  binged on Netflix. I hadn’t seen it beforehand  but am now on season 4 of  “The Walking Dead. ” If you have better things to do or live under a rock, here is the two-cent synopsis. There is a worldwide plague. When anyone dies, they wake up with one desire, to eat people. Since everyone is surprised that the dead walk and are hungry for the living and their guts, many humans die right off the bat.  And the hits keep coming. The visuals...


Hold On

I have this strange habit of needing to define things for what they are not before I can understand what they really are. A friend asked me, “You seem to know what you don’t like, what do you like?” I imagine I lived too long in defining emotional issues for what I wanted them to be instead of what they really are. Now, instead of asking, what is it? I ask the opposite.  Whatever. I guess my brain works backwards. The big subject of hope came up shortly after the whopper of forgiveness. I’ve seen it called a “waking dream,” a...