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I work at home so spend a lot of time maintaining the space.  I also have three boys, almost men, in-house.  Perpetual rearranging is an essential activity. Last week’s project was to remove an old desk that was attached to the wall. It was too bulky for the current needs. Sadly, where I thought the two-by-twos were nailed up, they were screwed into the wall. Choice words were thrown my way when I cried for help from one available teen. “Bleep, bleep, bleep, Mom, what have you done now?” Once we got it all down, there were serious holes in...


All who Wonder are not Lost

Here at Open Wound the inherent value and absolute uniqueness of each individual is a high priority. However, believing in that will not stop me from being pissed off at any unique soul that acts like an asshat. It’s a paradox, I know. I’ve been vocal about how the expression “everything happens for a reason” gets on my last nerve. Yes, sometimes people suck, so I’ll buy that reason for certain outcomes. But that is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about fatalism. Dictionary defined as the “belief that all events are pre-determined and therefore inevitable.”  Number one, if...



I was a painfully shy child. Mom says I hid behind her legs but I don’t remember that far back. I can see clearly in my mind being at Nicholl’s pharmacy and begging one of my sisters to buy a candy bar for me. (I may have come out of the womb afraid of my own shadow but those two ladies came out ready to roll.). I’m not sure if I was afraid of the cashier or afraid to be seen with Milky Way loot? I am blessed with another lovely memory from seventh grade when I had to share...