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To Hell with Loneliness

I recently found out that the areas of what I thought were water damage on my fantastic 1970’s T111 siding is not water damage but carpenter ants. I looked up information on the buggers. Did you know that lonely ants die young and hungry? That is the title of an article I happened upon. My carpenter ants are already dead because I got the pest control guys to poison them, so no worries there. Anyway it got me thinking about loneliness and I started waking up with the Bee Gees song “Lonely Days” looping in my ears so I must...


Walking through Pain

My friend Zach sent me a fun quote from “The Ref.” I think it was a series with Dennis Leary, so … “Welcome to the real world where most of the time things don’t go your fucking way.” The Ref Reminds me of another conversation I was having about pain. Physical pain. Emotional pain. What is it about humans that we (or some of us?) seem to need pain to grow? You’ve probably all heard stories about various illnesses that have caused someone to lose his pain signals. You know, where one gets physically hurt but can’t feel it, so...



My voice feels shaky today. I do consider myself a writer. But I don’t make things up, basically share thoughts. It’s easier in writing. Shades of a shy childhood maybe? I try to keep it conversational. I’m no expert. I truly believe in freedom of choice and live and let live. I have shared a few expressions that my Dad passed along at the dinner table when I was young. One was, “Your personal liberty to swing your arms ends just where my nose begins.” Apparently lawyers and orators have used this expression since the early 1900’s. Dad likes to...