Monthly Archive: May 2016



A few people have suggested I write something on couple style love. I find that hilarious as I was married for 24 years and now am not. I don’t think my pondering on the subject should be trusted at this point. So, I picked rejection to contemplate instead. Funny thing about rejection though, is that it really can’t be examined without looking at its counterpart, love. My friend Ron Holtz sent me a quote from his new book, which looks like it will be really good! This partial teaser speaks to value: “One quickly learns that the rainbow arching over...



I read this quote by Marilyn Ferguson on a website I like, “Fear is a question: what are you afraid of and why? Just as the seed of health is in illness, because illness contains information, our fears are a treasure-house of self knowledge if we explore them.” I don’t really understand what she meant by, “the seed of health is in illness,” but I do know that when I’m afraid, I feel sick. I get jittery, or my guts hurt, or my blood pressure rises or I’m just pissed off and annoying to be around. At some stage I...