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Vacation Day

I recently had the opportunity to spend five days on a California respite. I have a life-long friend that made it all happen, for my son and me.  My Facebook friends were inundated with our daily itinerary. It was a quickly arranged visit so we didn’t plan any major sight-seeing adventures, Hollywood style, but we did plenty. It may not be much to other people but for us it was a wonderful novelty. The choice to be in a one-income earning family over the years (plus the reality of being a little wild & loose on budgeting) has precluded a...


Child of Anger

As much as finishing a post on anger is tough when you are being spoiled with a California get-away, I just had to.  I was on Wilshire Boulevard and kept hearing Richard Gere in my head. “Edward: I was very angry with him. It cost me ten thousand dollars in therapy to say that sentence: “I was very angry with him.” I do it very well, don’t I? I’ll say it again: I was very angry with him. “Hello, my name is Mr. Lewis, I am very angry with my father.” It was a scene from Pretty Woman, in case...



Ever since my kids were born I took the advice of the honest Moms who said, “Nap every time they do.” Littles get up extremely early and wake you up constantly during the night. In order not to be a raging psychotic Mom – the naps were vital for me. I thought I would get a short season when I could go back to a more typical sleep pattern but it never happened. I ended up with a six-year-old at the same time I had a 13-year-old. If you don’t have kids, 13 is when they start staying up really late;...