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Scorn the Shame

I was so ashamed. No one was victimizing me, I just couldn’t do what I needed to do at that time. The reasons didn’t matter when the bar I set was beyond my reach. There was a simple solution but I couldn’t see it, behind the cloud of shame. I needed to reach out for help. In this case seeing beyond the fog included letting go of the pride that tries to hide the shame of failing. I must scorn the shame, becoming mindful that failure is not an end in itself if I can gain wisdom and act accordingly....


Hell on Earth

It is a piece of hell when innocents are gunned down, without a doubt. I’ve read many attempts at solutions and blame in the days since. Some maintain that it’s the access to automatic weapons, so we need to limit that access. Or, it’s the lack of access to mental health advocacy, so we need to increase that access. It’s the violence in media, so we need to decrease that violence. A friend in Africa laments that some lethal crimes are “fad-” oriented, which is horrifying, but possibly true as well. No real solutions there. That’s the thing that speaks...



My son asked me a million dollar question recently, “Mom, can I trust these people?”  I’m so sorry honey, but you cannot trust anyone purely based on an affiliation they have with a group.  A “homeschool family” tortures their children.  A long-term Pastor sexually assaulted a teen, and begged her not to tell.  A church board did not report the assault to the police.  An Olympic coach with more than 150 counts of sexual assault.  A lawyer who stole from his boss.  A policeman who shot an innocent.  Every day there is a new story.  A few generations back, it...