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Hopeful Reality

I heard an interview recently with John Phillip Newell who has been writing about contemplative and Celtic Christianity since the early nineties.  He was of interest to me as he was talking about his publication, “The Rebirth of God.”  He makes a great case in exposing the drastic change that occurred in Christian thought and practice after Constantine legalized Christianity in the 300s.  His work as the Warden of Iona Abbey in the Western Isles of Scotland painted a beautiful picture of peaceful Christian practice.     In Christopher Page’s writings, which I found at, he shared this from...



I love social media. I have met some kickass people who loved me from a distance, or through their art, or intelligence or vulnerability or smiley faces during a shit hard time in my real life. I wouldn’t exchange them. Oh geez, nothing out of the ordinary that I’d need a “go fund me” for, but a shake up. That being said, I feel fortunate that it wasn’t around when I was a kid. Real life is hard enough as a teen, without a constant barrage of more things to think about. As an adult, I have been accused of...



“You think it is easier, to know your own tricks, well it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. You’d think it’s easier to put your finger on the trouble, when the trouble is you.”  U2, The Troubles I can’t decide if I’m onto something good or if I’ve figured out a way to feel more in control of my life. My personality type is one that is always searching for the meaning of life.  The type who regularly hears, “Stop worrying about it, just live!  You think too much!  You’re too sensitive! Chill out!” Before now, I believed that finding...