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Christmas Spirit

I love the spirit of grace that Christmas brings. I love houses lighting up the neighborhood. I love the traditional Bevan goodies. l love finding unique gifts for special people. I love lights that shine in a dark room. But I am not good at hoopla. My youngest son was born in December. That year goes down as my best Christmas ever. He has also always been an advocate for all the hoopla that comes with the Christmas holiday. Decorations! Lights! Cookies! So when he wasn’t demanding the tree up the day after Thanksgiving I started to worry. We didn’t...



It’s holiday season once again, so here’s my reminder that you don’t have to be happy about it if you don’t want to.  And if you love the season, enjoy!  Madonna sang, “A way to come together and make things better, we need a holiday.” Well who doesn’t love a vacation, but holidays for some people don’t feel like a vacation. I would argue that the idea of Thanksgiving is a great one, as life without gratitude is a sour one. Most people can find at least one thing to be thankful for. If you can’t, there is probably a...


That Damn Stick

Some women I know sell makeup online and post videos of pretty eye shadow or special liner or whatever and damn it looks good. But when I take a minute to notice the age of the model, her flawless skin and wide-set eyes? It’s not the make up. It’s the face. (Or Photoshop?) The jarring truth is that no way will anyone else buying that makeup look like that beautiful model! Still, I’m tempted. I occasionally give haircuts to friends and family. Sometimes, one will come to me with a photo of an actress and want her hairstyle. Some have...