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Part I: Who are you?

Carl Jung says it this way, “Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Jill says it this way, “You can’t be responsible for yourself and how you walk in the world if you don’t know what makes you tick.” My guess is that we know this to be true but are so easily swayed to project an image, at least in America, that we don’t really realize when we are fooling ourselves. I’m no shrink so I don’t know all the facets of making the unconscious conscious. I do believe...


Universally particular

When my first son was in his late teens I remember telling him that his pre-frontal cortex probably wouldn’t be fully developed until he was 24 or so.  A lot of my parenting was based on the notion that it was my job to give my kids the truth in all forms as well as I knew it. My explanation on his brain development seemed to me no different than a friend telling a friend to call an Uber if they are impaired. The pre-frontal cortex is a pretty big deal as a jumping off point for rationality. I’m plenty...



Usually the calendar has barely turned to the new month before I am bugging my editors to read my stuff because I can’t wait to share.  This month has been different because I have been turning an expression over and over in my mind and can’t seem to get clarity. I read it soon after entering a struggle in communicating with some important people in my life.   I read it on Twitter and do not know the author but her name is Lalah Delia.  “The right people hear you differently.”  It’s just a little quip and could probably mean many...